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We are currently relocating at the moment the program will resume shortly.
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The International Community Warehouse (TICW) is a non-profit organization starting a flea market on Saturdays and Sunday to help raise funds for the Programs.

We provide an affordable safe place for communities to host events for fundraisers, community meetings, flea markets…. Etc. This is offered to help bring communities together and network with small companies. When we have these programs the funds received go into the entire non-profit and for vendors we have them bring a donation. ( i.e.: table fee, toys for toy drive, canned goods, coats. Etc.)

The TWIC has put in a place the International Flea Market. The venue holds up to 400 different vendors and the capacity is approved for 1200 people. The flea market promotes local community interaction. It allows everyone to come together and celebrate, eat, and experience things from other cultures. This program also allows local artists and businesses to utilize the property for any community event. Allowing all open air outside and following the CDC guidelines of remaining at least 6ft from one another.


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The International Community Warehouse non profits to help all our community add jobs and support the community with healthy affordable food options and opening a flea market and affordable event space.

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